2015 Player Comparison

The offer-based approach is excellent for identifying elite players who have been under-appreciated by the opinion-based recruiting services. The table on this page shows the top 30 players, based upon the offers they’ve received from division one FBS coaching staffs. Appearing next to each player is their rank (or lack thereof) as assigned in the major opinion-based rankings.

Last Updated: 2/9/2015

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Player NameFBS OffersTop 25 OffersOffer Based RankRivals Top 250247Sports Top 247247Sports CompositeScout Top 300ESPN Top 300
Javarius Davis58141291
Ricky DeBerry511921431278625132
Jeffery Holland4917311211615146
Jacques Patrick482041854406149
Kevin Toliver II4716527981010
Chris Clark46166792098523111
Josh Sweat451973469511
George Brown45158199471
Ray-Ray McCloud III451792310781121157
Will Gragg421710205123218
Tim Settle41191117416210113819
Matthew Burrell Jr.4115121559210716894
Kendall Sheffield382213533120912
Christian Kirk3718141641252635
Jozie Milton44615719
Lawrence Cager42816240168347
Justin Hilliard3814175520346317
Jaylon Lane381518342256
De'Andre Johnson371519398259
Byron Cowart34182017381
Jake Fruhmorgen3515217317811922789
Tim Irvin351622287
George Campbell351423263519347
Iman Marshall34162435474
James Locke351325591
Ryan Davis35122664188267242
Marcus Lewis34102780184139224159
Adam McLean35102816019412414683
Malik Jefferson322129281210431
Jashon Cornell331530123989119133

4 thoughts on “2015 Player Comparison

  1. Carl Rohman

    I agree 100% with your thinking. An analyst gives an opinion. A coach puts him money where his mouth is. I’ll trust the coaches who make the actual offers. That is even more true for G5 players than for P5 players. For the top players they analysts spend a lot of time looking at kids, and probably rank them reasonably accurately. For G5 players, the analysts don’t rank them at all, or spend only a few minutes on each player because there are so many of them, and so few people willing to pay for info (for ESPN and Rivals, their money comes from fans of Top 40 teams, not from MAC or CUSA fans).

    I have only one quarrel with your method. As a G5 fan, I can tell you that ESPN does not have accurate information at all for G5 offers. I do a similar analysis, but I use 247Sports and Rivals data. I also look at ESPN, but it adds nothing. Scout.com does add some info, but their new look is user hostile, so I don’t use it. If you incorporate 247Sports or Scout.com data, your rankings of G5 teams and players will become much more accurate.

    1. Paul Nelson Post author

      247 offer data looks great, and attempts were made to include it, but it was extremely difficult to upload into the RankByOffers database. The format in which 247 presents their offer data is not conducive to automation. What’s your secret? Thanks for the comment.

      1. Carl Rohman

        Ugh…I did it by hand, but I was just doing it for only a few teams. In the future, I’ll just use your website, now that I have found it. Hopefully you can find a way to automate it, or have them share it with you on a permission basis.

        1. Paul Nelson Post author

          My hats off to you. That is a LOT of work. I’ll take another shot at automating 247 during the off season. I agree it would improve the offer quality. Thanks for the comment!


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